1. Foreign Student Registration Form: Candidates are required to fill in and print out the REGISTRATION FORM (please click here to download), add a single biometric photograph taken over the last 6 months in the designated space and sign the specified area.
  2. The Original and Notary Certified Translation of the High School Diploma: Students are asked to submit the original and notary certified translation (i.e. translation by an approved notary affiliated with the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Justice) of their high school diploma. Students of Turkish origin that have completed their high school education (4 years in total) abroad are required to provide a form that proves their education status. Admissions to university are not possible with only students’ graduation certificates.
  3. Certified Copy of the Equivalency Certificate: Obtained from Provincial Directorates of National Education or Foreign Education Consultancies, this form show that the candidate’s graduation certificate is equivalent to those in the Republic of Turkey.
  4. The Original Foreign Student Examination Results Document: This form is required to demonstrate that the candidates fulfil the relevant criteria set out in the Foreign Criteria document, which is published by the Council of Higher Education and is accepted by the university. Examinations that are on par with university admission examinations in Turkey are valid for 1 (one) year.
  5. Invitation Letter: The letter showing that the candidate is eligible to apply to university.
  6. Turkish Proficiency Certificate (If Available): The original and the notary certified translation of the language proficiency certificate obtained from Kastamonu TÖMER or Yunus Emre Institutes.
  7. Passport/Republic of Turkey National ID Card/Blue Card: The original and the notary certified translations of the pages that include the applicants’ credentials, either the relevant pages on the passport or the original and the notary translation of the ID information that is found on Republic of Turkey National ID cards or on Blue Cards (In addition to notaries affiliated with the Ministry of Justice, candidates can obtain approved status from Embassies or Consulates of the Republic of Turkey).
  8. Foreign National ID Number/The original and the copy of the residence permit: Students that have residence permit in Turkey can submit the copy of their permit to the relevant faculty or other academic units after presenting the original copy of the said document. After finalizing their admission to our university, students are required to present relevant documents within 10 (ten) days, affirming that they have started the necessary procedures with the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management (www.goc.gov.tr) to acquire their residence permit and foreign national ID. Candidates are obliged provide the Directorate of Student Affairs with the residence permit within 3 months at the latest.
  9. Photograph: Taken in accordance to criteria set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) (6 [six] printed photos in total).
  10. Contribution / Tuition Fee Receipt: Document indicating that the amount of contribution fee determined by the University Administration in accordance with the ‘Decision on the Determination of Contribution and Tuition Fees to be Received as Students’ Contribution to Current Service Costs’ in Higher Education Institutions.
  11. Social Security Document (If Available): The document showing the social security that the student is entitled to due to his father, mother or spouse.
  12. Health board report taken from full-fledged state or University hospitals within the 1 (one) month, which states that there is no physical, mental and psychological disability, infectious or chronic disease, and no alcohol or drug addictions, which may hinder the exercise of the profession, during and after education. In addition, additional tests or ‘Complete Porter Examination Report’ that may be requested for departments related to health services.


  • Candidates who do not declare the above mentioned documents within the given time cannot be registered. If the candidate's registration has been made with the missing document and the candidate has not submitted the missing document in the given time, the registration will be deleted.
  • If a fraud attempt or misinformation is detected in the documents submitted for registration, registration process of such a candidate will be terminated. Also, the candidate in question will face legal and administrative charges brought against them as per the framework of the relevant legislation.