Foreign student candidates wishing to study in Turkey enter Kastamonu University Foreign Student Examination (KÜYÖS). The results of this exam can also be used to apply for other universities, in Turkey, including state and private universities, provided that acknowledge the same format of examination.

(1) Information on the conduct of KÜYÖS is as follows:

  1. Candidates who will take the exam must keep “KÜYÖS Exam Pass” and “Passport / T.C. ID Card / Blue Card” with themselves during the exam.
  2. Candidates are not allowed to take their exam in a place other than the specified exam hall in the exam pass. Building Exam Proctor can decide otherwise, should there be a need for such a change.
  3. KÜYÖS is prepared in Turkish, English and other languages where necessary. The questions in KÜYÖS are prepared independently from verbal expression, language and school curriculum. The general name of KÜYÖS is “Basic Learning Skills Test”. The questions in the test aim to measure abstract and analytical thinking, and reasoning power. In addition, the test also includes questions that require the use of quantitative skills, knowledge and skills related to basic mathematics and geometry.
  4. All questions in the question booklet are "multiple choice" questions. Five different options will be given for each question, only one of which is the correct answer. The candidate will find the correct answer for each question and mark the answer option that they think is correct from A, B, C, D, E options on the Answer Sheet.

All questions must be marked on the answer sheet as specified above. If there are multiple answer for the same answer on the answer sheet, or the circles are not filled within the specified area, answers will be deemed invalid.

  1. The information of the candidates who violate the "EXAM RULES” and the warnings issued by the proctors/invigilators in the Exam Hall will be recorded in the Exam Hall Records and their exams will be void. The answer sheet of the candidates whose exam is deemed invalid will not be put into evaluation and “Exam Result Document” will not be issued for these candidates.
  2. Candidates themselves are responsible for the legitimacy of any information they submit on the KÜYÖS Application Form and for the documents they upload online for application. Illegitimate, missing, fake, faulty, deceiving, etc. submitted documents, taking the exam in place of someone else, acting against the rules of the exam and similar actions will result in cancellation of the exam result and legal and administrative procedures will be started against the candidate within the framework of the relevant legislation.
  3. KÜYÖS, consisting of a total of 80 questions, will be held in a single session and the exam duration is 130 minutes.
  4. Only correct answer will be evaluated.